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Featured Property

  • 3805 Teesdale Court
    Atlanta, GA
    5 beds | 5 baths
  • 515 Harbour Gate Circle
    Johns Creek, GA
    5 beds | 4 baths
  • 3300 Windy Ridge Parkway SE 1112
    Atlanta, GA
    2 beds | 2 baths
  • 860 Peachtree Street NE 2117
    Atlanta, GA
    2 beds | 2 baths
  • 1101 Juniper Street NE 1025
    Atlanta, GA
    1 beds | 1 baths
 Johns Creek

The City of Johns Creek, Georgia, lies along the banks of the historic Chattahoochee River in northeast Fulton County. Home to an estimated population of  70,050. A sizable amount of the white collar, professional population that immigrated to Metro Atlanta in the 80s and 90s for its low cost of living and high employment base settled in the Johns Creek community. Strong public schools were a big attraction for families. Recognizing the importance of education, Johns Creek parents poured sweat equity and donations back into the schools, making them the strongest in the state. Not surprisingly, innovative businesses soon followed to be near their employee base. The unincorporated community coalesced into a municipality when it was incorporated December 1, 2006, following state legislation and a voter referendum. Today, Johns Creek is the 10th largest city in Georgia with a median family income of $150,592 strong public schools and an inviting, relaxed lifestyle for people of all ages. Well know communities such as St. Ives Country Club, Country Club of the South, The Falls of Autry Mill , Seven Oaks continue to attract upper echelon home seekers.